Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting things started

Well we got the car in the garage with the help of neighbors, took five us to push it up the driveway and in. I could have waited to take the doors and windshield off after I took the body off the frame but I thought it would be easier and take less effort to lift the body off the frame after I get the doors, windshield and front clip off. So lets see where we are at after some parts start coming off, and when I say we I mean it, I got a lot of help from my daughters. Either handing me tools, holding the doors or even unbolting while I held things.

There were moments of nervousness and special care but we finally got the windshield off. It took some grinding of screws to get all the trim off the windshield frame. Typical to these years.... the frame was rusty!!! and yes we have some cancer to fix. So much rust in the frame, I will for sure have to take the front clip off. So you might see the heat gun laying around in a few of the pictures, that is what that is for. I have read that it makes it easier to break the bond and yep it does help.I am beginning to wonder how far down the rust goes:
It's not all bad news, with the hood off, doors, windshield and trim, remaining interior. I had time to take a road trip with my middle daughter to western Iowa to pick up the convertible frame and top. (Thank you sweetie it was very nice to spend some one on one time with you... you are great company plus a big help on the trip to Arion, Iowa. The canvas top is new out of the box and the frame is in very good shape for the era. I couldn't be happier with the find, all of that was only $380, thank you eBay.
Plus it looks like a previous owner had their own way of venting their frustrations out:
just another thing added to the growing list of things to fix, speaking of fixing things. I am starting to take parts off the firewall so I can access the bond joints easier. I have the hood latches soaking in rust remover and will be repainting them. Of course pictures of that and much more coming soon.

Thanks for following.....

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